Contemporary Tapestry Weaving is an artist-owned studio, specializing in hand-weaving tapestries that are designed and woven by tapestry artist Ulrika Leander. These mural-size tapestries have been commissioned for permanent collections in corporate and public buildings, health care facilities, hospitality settings, churches and private homes in the US and in Europe.
Beginning with the creation of a water-color design and continuing through the process of hand-weaving on a high-warp loom, each tapestry is a unique creation using a time intensive traditional technique in which each thread is meticulously put in place by hand.

Please follow the links to Public and Residential Tapestries and to Liturgical Tapestries and enjoy this creative and inspiring approach to bringing life and beauty to every type of architectural space.

Many of Ulrika Leander’s tapestries are produced for exhibition purposes and for display in the studio. Examples are in the Available Tapestries section.

To appreciate the fascinating process of creating a tapestry please view the slide show The Making of a Tapestry which takes you step- by- step from the design stage, through the complexity of traditional hand-weaving to the exciting moment when the tapestry is complete.

From Inspiration to Installation

  • The beginning - a watercolor design.

  • Weaving begins.

  • Tapestry and design.

  • Tapestry weaving detail.

  • Hanging the first panel.

  • Making sure it's right.

  • Discussing the spacing.

  • Hanging the second panel.

  • Completing the hanging.

  • The installed tapestry

  • Close-up of finished tapestry