Hand-woven tapestry; “Deep Waters” – 70″ x 60″.

Deep Waters
This artwork is a traditional hand-woven tapestry by tapestry artist Ulrika Leander.
Beginning with the creation of a water-color design, Ulrika Leander’s tapestries are produced in her tapestry studio by the traditional method of weaving on a high-warp loom using only the higest quality tapestry yarn from Scandinavia. With over 30 years of experience with commissioned tapestry, Ulrika Leander has established a reputation throughout the US and Scandinavia for sophisticated site-specific tapestries characterized by her brilliant use of color and the highest quality of craftmanship. Her experience includes designing and weaving tapestries for private homes, tapestries for corporate offices, tapestries for public buildings, tapestries for hotels, tapestries for health care facilities and tapestries for churches.
Tapestries are frequently referred to as wall hangings, wall tapestries, wall art or fiber art; these terms are also used to describe textile crafts such as appliques, quilts, embroidery, banners and textile items mass-produced using computerized looms. It is important for the buyer to distinguish between these crafts and the true fine art art form of hand-woven tapestry, often called by it’s historical name, Gobelin tapestry.
A commissioned tapestry expressing the client’s themes and ideas can be an integral part of a new architectural space from its conception. Alternatively, a fine art tapestry can be created specifically for an existing space to provide a dramatic focal point while connecting the various design elements and colors in the surrounding environment. A large-scale tapestry is also an effective means of absorbing distracting echoes and improving the acoustical quality of a space. A commissioned tapestry is often used to make a spectacular celebratory gift or commemorative donation.