"Tapestry is the woven dream we hang on our walls." — Jean Lurçat

These thumbnails only show a small segment of the tapestry; please click on the thumbnail image to view the entire tapestry.

This is a presentation of commissioned, site-specific tapestries and also of tapestries purchased from my studio over the years. The commissioned tapestries are all designed with the architecture and atmosphere of the interior space in mind and sometimes also with a request to include for example, a theme based on company products, the research specialty of a medical company, the life story and achievements of a special person, or simply designed to bring new life and vitality into a working or living- space.

The tapestries that were not commissioned are tapestries designed from ideas that have come to me inspired by a particular life experience or by images from the natural world. These pieces have been purchased from the studio by art consultants, architects, and interior designers and by private collectors.

Wherever a tapestry hangs, in an entrance of a hospital, in a public building, as a mural installation in an atrium or in a private setting, it always radiates a sense of timeless beauty, warmth and richness.